3CX for Mac App

Installing the 3CX App for Mac

Το install and configure the 3CX App for Mac OS 10.14 Mojave:

3CX App for Mac

  1. Download the latest version of the 3CX App for Mac.
  2. Open the DMG file and drag 3CXPhone16.app” from the open window to your applications folder to install it.
  3. When the app is installed, configure it automatically by opening the configuration file attached to your Welcome Email.
  4. When you see the top right “On Hook” message, you can start making calls.

💡 Note: The Welcome Email is sent to you when your extension is created and can be resent via the 3CX Web Client or by your system administrator.

The App At A Glance

The 3CX app’s functions enable you to efficiently manage calls, contacts, conferencing and more:

3CX App for Mac UI and side menu options.

  1. “Key Functions” – easily access the 3CX App’s key functions and manage your contacts and calls.
  2. “Side Menu” – open the app’s side menu to access useful options and info.
  3. “Useful Options” – listen to call recordings, set audio options and forwarding rules or change the app’s theme.
  4. “Settings” – customize and configure the 3CX App options.

Managing your App

Main functions in 3CX App for Mac Toolbar.

The 3CX app enables you to communicate effectively with:

  1. “Status” – browse and click on the name of a colleague to call.
  2. “Voicemail” – access your voicemail and use the Web Client to customize Voicemail options.
  3. “Chat” – exchange messages with colleagues.
  4. “WebMeeting” – start WebΜeeting to talk face-to-face with colleagues and contacts.
  5. “Conference” – create a new conference and invite participants.

Transferring Calls

To transfer an active call click “Transfer” or “Att.Transfer”, enter the extension number or search by name and click on “Transfer”. When using “Att.Transfer”, click “Call” to announce the call before clicking “Transfer” to complete the call divert.

Status & Forwarding Rules

To set your status and automatically configure call forwarding, click on your status below your profile and select:

Set Status menu options in 3CX Client for Mac.

  • “Available” – ready to receive calls.
  • “Away” – temporarily unavailable, divert to voicemail.
  • “Do Not Disturb” – divert to voicemail.
  • “Lunch” – set a custom status.
  • “Business Trip” – set a second custom status.

Customize your forwarding rules and exceptions via the 3CX Web Client.


Personalize your 3CX app by clicking on “Settings” to set the app’s default behavioraudio optionsforwarding rules or the app’s theme, amongst others:

  • “Behavior” – customize the app’s behavior and the default “Cmd + 3” Quick-Paste Shortcut, set your “Profile Status” options and configure your forwardinrules.
  • “Audio Options” – configure advanced audio device settings.
  • “Advanced” – set “Network” and “External Application” options.
  • “Preferences” – set “Language”, the app theme and a custom app header image.

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